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Lisa Horowitz

I am a mosaic artist living in the Washington, DC area.  Art has been a powerful part of my life since childhood but it is only recently that I have embraced it as my primary vocation.  I feel fortunate to be able to spend time learning and creating in many media, but mosaics are my true passion.  I discovered mosaic art twenty years ago and have continued to find new and different ways to build on basic techniques.  There are limitless possibilities for the use of color, materials, and textures in mosaic art, working in both two and three dimensions.  Mosaics can adorn public spaces, homes, gardens, or clothing, serving functional as well as decorative needs. 


While I admire classical art, I am particularly drawn to folk arts.  I love the color and vibrance of Mexican pottery, Moroccan tilework, Vietnamese tribal fabrics, Guatemalan clay masks, among many others.   Folk art reflects the culture and outlook of different people and provides a way of understanding people and places.   My passion has been nurtured by a love for travel, particularly to places “off the beaten track” where I have experienced the joy of discovering new and different ways that cultures have found to create ritual items and to adorn everyday objects.  Photography helps me to “see” more closely and mindfully when I travel and provides inspiration for mosaic pieces when I return.

About Lisa

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